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Revealer of Secrets

Revealer of Secrets

INTRODUCTION: The HOLY SPIRIT is the revealer of secrets, He reveals the deep and secret things. The secrets of God will make gods out of ordinary, common men. John 14:26; John […]


A. INTRODUCTION: WHAT KIND OF CHALLENGES DO PEOPLE FACE IN LIFE? It is a very frightening thing to be defenseless in a hostile world. It is indeed a horrible feeling […]

Keep Your Lamp Filled with Oil.

Introduction: The parable of the ten virgins teaches us to make the main thing the main thing. Most importantly making our relationship with God a priority above everything else. In […]

Famous Unanswered Prayers

A. INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS PRAYER? Prayer: An avenue for having fellowship with God. It is a channel of communicating and pouring our hearts to our heavenly father.The Lord Jesus taught […]