In keeping with the vision of the church to raise foundations and restore destinies, the children and teenage churches were established in February, 2012. For the resident Pastor, Festus Fariyibi, the children and teenage churches must mirror the vision of the adult church and proceed along the same lines.

Led by Deaconess Mrs Lola Fariyibi, the churches started with two teachers, a couple of teenagers and children.These churches have continued to grow exponentially. Today, these churches are full-fledged with teachers numbering tens and children and teenagers numbering over 80.

By the grace of God and direction from the church leadership, the teenage class has helped teenagers find a renewed vigor in God. Here, their numerous concerns are addressed in line with God’s Word. In addition to being equipped with the Word, members of the teenage class have benefited from hands-on activities meant to develop their leadership capabilities.

If you have teenagers or you are a teenager and live around the Calgary area, we enjoin you to stop by and experience the moving power of God in this sanctuary.

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